This is a test of my new blog, and I am giving away free subscriptions to Trojan Remover. If you found my blog by googling for a solution to last night’s drunken candlelight mishap, you probably want to hit the back button now. Trojan Remover is a malware detection and removal tool, and it is a very good one. I have been using it for years, and I bought a lifetime license for some miserable pittance… I think it was $19 or so. A few times over the past 15 years I’ve encountered false negatives, where TR did not recognize something that was infecting my computer, and I’ve seen one false positive, where it alerted on Lojack. On every one of those occasions, I emailed Nigel (the TR author) and he emailed me back with some instructions (right-click here, do this, do that, email the zip file), and the next day I updated TR and it was fixed.

A few months ago I installed TR on another computer, and I noticed that the license terms had changed. Lifetime licenses are no longer available, and the yearly fee is not cheap ($24). I was very happy to find that Nigel is still honoring the terms of my ancient lifetime license, and I wanted to reward him for providing such an awesome tool for such a great price, and for doing the right thing and continuing to honor lifetime licenses after changing his licensing terms, so I bought 4 one-year licenses. I don’t need them, because my license allows me to install on a reasonable number of computers, so I am giving them away. If you think you might need a good malware detection and removal tool, download TR from simplysup.com and try it out. If you want a license, ask me and I’ll give you one.


One thought on “Test/Giveaway

  1. Hi, do you still have a lifetime key? I don’t mind to pay for it, but yrly fee seems a little bit expensive to me.-Zack

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