Monthly Archives: November 2011


Can we just talk about spanking for a minute? I’m not talking about the kind of spanking you do with your girlfriend, with a safe word. I’m talking about punishment. Punishment in general is a scam and a lie. There is no such thing as punishment. If someone says that they are punishing you, they aren’t. They are attacking you. Punishment is an excuse that bullies (or their agents) use when they attack people who are vulnerable. If you accept an attack because they call it punishment, you’re stupid. If you accept any kind of punishment, you are being taken advantage of. This includes jail sentences and fines for “breaking the law.” If you are dumb (or unlucky) enough to fall into one of the many traps in our society, and you pay a fine or serve a jail sentence, you are being taken advantage of. Our political and economic system is a scam. Punishment is always an excuse and a lie. Always. Every single time. There are no exceptions.

Hitting another human being is evil. If you hit an adult, it will probably hit you back, or call the police, so people don’t do it. They hit children instead. Now hitting a child is about the most evil thing you can do besides murder (or being an accessory to murder, more on that later). I remember being hit as a child, and I didn’t understand why I was being hit. I didn’t understand what “acting up” was. I thought that was just how bigger people played with smaller people. When a bigger person played with a smaller person, every now and then the bigger one would hit the smaller one, and say something like “Stop acting up!” The smaller one would cry, or maybe just whimper a bit, and then they would go back to playing. Sometimes the bigger one would hit the smaller one with boards or belts or something. When I grew up, it wasn’t just one or two bigger people who did this, it was lots of them. In Kentucky during the 60’s, if you were watching a child, and you didn’t hit it every now and then, you weren’t watching it very good. I got beaten by my parents, the neighbors, the school teachers and the principal, people at church, etc. I only remember one adult who never hit me, and nobody understood why I loved Miss. Stolzy so much. Why couldn’t I have grown up in a world of people like Miss Stolzy? Why can’t everyone? If you think it’s necessary to hit a child to teach it how to act, you’re sick. You’re teaching the child that violence is not only acceptable but also desirable. “It’s the thing to do!”

Now hitting a child is bad enough, but hitting a child on the butt is sexual assault. If you hit a child on its butt, you are a child molestor. Literally. Let’s think about this clearly. If you touch a child’s butt, you are a child molestor, right? Just touching a child’s butt can be a sexual assault. Now let’s add an actual assault and battery charge on top of that. If you hit a child’s butt, you are sexually assaulting a child. Hitting a child on its butt is just creepy. How could anyone think that it’s OK? It is so bizarre that our sick culture teaches people that it’s OK to hit children on their butts. IT’S NOT OK! It’s sick and perverted.