Monthly Archives: December 2011


I feel like I’m changing, and I think it has something to do with the Occupy movement. Something is happening at the occupations. People are learning to love each other and live together and care for each other, and they are changing. I’m not sure whether the movement is causing the change, or the change is causing the movement. I’ve only been down there 3 or 4 times, but I am changing. I feel like I was blind and I’m learning to see. I’m learning to think in a new way. I am becoming more conscious. I am learning to be mindful; to be aware of what is going on. I’m learning to be happy right now, without waiting for a condition. I’m learning to see other people, and I’m learning how to communicate in a new way, and I’m starting to realize that this has been happening to me for a few months now, or maybe even a few years. It’s not a sudden change, it started out slow and gradual, so that I didn’t even  notice it at first, and it feels very comfortable to ease into this new way of being. As I learn more I feel like I want to learn more, and sometimes when I am mindful for a few minutes I feel this incredible power surge through me, and it makes my eyes water, and I realize that true power isn’t the power to make other people do things, it is the power to create. This power feels like a light that shines out of me, and it makes me feel like I can do anything. I am starting to see this light shining from other people. I think that this change is happening to all of us, and I think that’s why the 1% is freaking out. That’s why they are in such a hurry to figure out excuses to lock up more and more of us, and torture us, and kill us with flying robots.

They see the change coming and they are afraid, because they don’t want to change. They think that they don’t want to stop being greedy and start sharing with the rest of us, but I think it will happen to all of us eventually, even them. It feels like a wave gradually rolling across humanity, and when it passes we will all have evolved to a new consciousness. This revolution doesn’t require guillotines; they will join us when they are ready, and eventually we will all be working together to build a new world where everyone has plenty of everything, and everyone can do and be and create whatever they want. As more people change, it will be easier for others to change, and eventually all of us will do it. Look at yourself. Are you changing?