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Movie reviews

Is this guy a con artist, a conspiracy nut, or a visionary genius? Or all three rolled into one? His detractors have a point when they complain about David Icke being included in the movie without any mention of his infamous “lizard” theory, but there are a lot of interesting ideas here, including a lot of handwaving about free energy (still waiting to see a working free energy generator). I can’t recommend not watching it just because it doesn’t rigorously back up every single claim.

Foster Gamble’s Thrive

Max Igan has similar ideas. He doesn’t really back up the stuff he says about human evolution, but I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one feeling a change.

Max Igan’s Awakening


Back from vacation

I’m back from vacation, just in time to water the garden while my neighbors take their vacation. This may have been my best vacation ever, starting with getting my motorcycle stolen the first night, out of the motel parking lot. I ended up renting a huge 4-wheel-drive truck which came in handy when I went camping out at the end of Matagorda Island. I made an art thing out there which you can see on my bambuser account. I will post some pictures later.

My bambuser channel

I also recorded the Ron Paul rally which was interesting. The other politicians were empty suits but Ron said the word “Revolution” a few times and I think he meant it.