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Thich Nhat Hanh

This guy is so cool; I totally like him!



Smelling a rose

I was at home tonight after work, and I was listening to music and making some food, and I happened to walk into the living room past a vase on the piano in which some roses from my garden are drying. I stopped and smelled the roses, and they smelled so nice that I stopped thinking and just experienced the joy of the moment. I felt so grateful and so happy that I couldn’t imagine anything better than being in my house with my friends’ art on the walls, listening to music that I like, smelling roses from my garden, and it seemed like time stopped for a minute, or maybe just ceased to exist, and I was energized by a wave of, um, energy. The smell of the roses entered my mind and turned into a kind of rose-scented clarity where I saw and knew all and accepted it and I realized that this is what I wanted, and what I worked so hard all my life to get, and if I would just take the time to stop thinking and enjoy it, I could feel like this all the time.

Feeling grateful is a trick that I use to make life better. I learned this trick years ago from the Reiki principles, and it works. At first I had to practice it, but now it just happens. Gratitude is a very happy feeling. It is hard to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Gratitude is also a powerful source of energy.

What is this energy that I get from plants and other people, or from the smell of a rose, or from gratitude? I’m feeling it more as I learn more, but I still need to know more. I started an Aikido class last month, and for the first time I see it being taken for granted. They talk about energy as if it were light or sound, and they use it, and even though I don’t understand what I’m doing yet, I use it too and I feel it more every day.